We rent the pool and surrounding area to hold your event.


With an equipped and spacious support kitchen, it is suitable for catering services. In addition to this space, we have a garage of approximately 150 square meters, which can be adapted for activities, workshops, or any other need. We also have a gym area with training machines, where it is possible to carry out many other sports activities.


The space conditions that High Villa allows to combine Team Building activities with corporate aspects, favoring collaboration and integration between colleagues and increasing productivity. In addition to the usual full or part-day programs, we believe that adding the possibility of making your own meals and accommodation, will be able to accentuate the uniqueness of the experience.

Space for Events

We hold one event per day

Kitchen for catering use



Capacity 50 - 70 pax



Accommodation option

Team building/Corporate


  • Does High Villa have a pool?
  • Does the High Villa have barbecue/BBQ?
  • Does High Villa have a kitchen for catering?
  • Does High Villa have changing rooms?
  • Is the space appropriate for team building/corporate events?
  • What is the maximum capacity of people per event?
  • Does High Villa have noise restrictions?
  • Do you hold more than one event a day?
  • Is there the possibility of accommodation, although the reservation is only for the event?
  • What payment methods are accepted?
  • Do you have guest parking?